You got questions, We got answers

Q:What kind of steel do you use

A:I do some stock-removal work in 440c, however prefer to forge my own 5160 blanks using old-school “hammer and anvil” processes utilizing good old fashion “elbow grease”……..my forge, hammer, antique anvil, and will power..

Q:What about heat-treating

A:I heat-treat my 5160 forged pieces in-house, and send my 440c out for heat-treat at Fireball heat treat in Attleboro MA

Q:And temper?

A:Both steels receive the same tempering procedure,  2   1hr cycles at 400f with an air-cool to ambient in between


A:Mag 10 takes great pride in its knives, if your Mag 10 blade becomes dull through general use outside of what would be considered “abuse”,  Mag 10 will happily re-sharpen it for you.  Simply drop it off at a show on a Sat, and I will return it sharpened the next day.  In situations where that may not be possible, simply ship the blade to me, and i will ship it back to you re-sharpened